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Iowa Whitetail Live

November 1-7

Day 3

Morning Hunt

Back to the same stand as yesterday. Weather was breezy and cool. I slipped into my stand long before daylight and waited to see what came by today? An hour later I saw my first buck and it was the same 2.5 year old eight point I've been seeing. He walked right under my stand and disappeared. Thirty minutes later the other small buck came by and headed to the west. I stayed in the stand until 11:30. No more deer were seen. Ellis texted me and said we were going to swap stands for the afternoon hunt. I would be hunting the stand that I sat on the afternoon of the first day.

The same 8 from yesterday came by shortly before sunrise
And 30 minutes later the other 8 from yesterday came by.



Afternoon Hunt


The same buck from this morning was the only buck I saw this afternoon along with one doe earlier.

I climbed back into my Day 1 stand where I could see hundreds of yards. I watched one doe feed out into the brassicas and 30 minutes before sundown I watched one of those young 8 points crusing the CRP. It was a slow afternoon and that topped off a pretty slow day. I think I'm going to try a different farm for tomorrow.

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