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Arizona Elk Live

September 14-23

Day 6

Morning Hunt

Fun morning!

We hunted the same place as yesterday and we got into elk big time. We started off with a small 5x6 that we had no interest in. There was a herd bull in the cedars and it took us an hour to work our way into position. We never did get close enough but as the bull stepped out he was just not quite what I am looking for so even if we could have gotten closer, I would not have shot. We moved on several herds throughout the morning but just never saw one quite big enough.

The first bull was a small 5x6
This small bull had been beat on pretty bad
The herd bull - he stepped out at 80 yards but I would not have shot him even if he were closer
Elk were moving everywhere this morning. This small group of youngsters caught us out in the open and just walked past us



Afternoon Hunt

One of Steven's guides reported seeing a ton of elk in one particular area, so we decided to give this new area a try. Shane, who tagged out yesterday, came along to film so Steven could focus on guiding.

We weren't a mile from the paved road when we spotted a small satellite bull run in front of our truck. He passed us then began feeding. Unreal. He was not even remotely concerned with the vehicle. Steven bugled at him and a different bull responded. This one was mature. I grabbed my bow and headed after him. He was with a cow and they both moved off. After we got closer we decided he was not quite what I was looking for. So we left the herd to find another bull.

This was the herd bull that responded to our bugle. We couldn't quite tell how big he was.
We moved in on him and then decided to pass. We left them to find another bull.

The change in weather has definitely helped. We herd several bugles this afternoon but just couldn't get in on a bull. It was a great day and tomorrow should be even better.


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