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Arizona Elk Live

September 14-23

Day 3

Morning Hunt

Steven and I started the day right back at the same spot as yesterday afternoon. We knew immediately it was going to be tough. There was very little bugling going on compared to yesterday morning. We move on one bull early but as we got closer Steven realized he was far smaller than we were interested in. We abandoned him and moved on to another area where we played cat and mouse with a bull all days. He would not respond to our calls, but we eventually spotted him but could never quite get a good look at him. He moved off and we left shortly after noon.

Can you spot the bull elk in this photo? Look closely.


Afternoon Hunt

We debated where to go for the afternoon hunt and decided to go back to the same area as this morning. It has been extremely warm all week, and today was no exception. It was close to 90 degrees when we left the truck to begin hunting. There was no bugling going on and very little movement this afteroon. Steven and I called down into the dark timber but we could not get anything to respond. We saw one dink bull with his left side snapped off, and a few cows and calves. It was terribly slow all day. A weather change is coming midweek and that will be a welcome change from these hot days.

Steven and I would bugle down into the dark timber but they just weren't talking today
We spotted one bull feeding, he was a youngster with his left beam snapped off. It was extremely slow today.


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