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Arizona Elk Live

September 14-23

Day 4

Morning Hunt

Back to the same area again this morning. The temperature was even warmer than yesterday which I didn't think was possible. I have spent the entire trip in the same lightweight Sitka Apex thin shirt and pants and this morning was no different.

We climbed the mountain where we had action yesterday morning and crested out long before sunrise. We never heard a bugle. Shortly after sunrise a herd of elk wandered in without a sound. We moved on them, but two cows busted us and took the herd with them. The bull turned out to be small anyway so no loss.

We crawled at the herd
These two cows had us pegged and busted the stalk

After busting that small herd a lone bugle down the mountain got our attention so we moved quickly to get on him. While Steven was cow calling a small bull trotted up to us and stood 5 yards from us. This bull stopped!

This little bull came in to Steven's cow calling. He stopped 5 yards from me and stared at us for 2 full minutes.


Afternoon Hunt

With temperatures hovering at 90 we were not optimistic about the afternoon hunt and that hunch would be spot on. It was terrible this afternoon. We heard one bugle a long way off, and bumped into a handful of cows. Even after dark not one bull had bugled. This heat is really affecting the hunt but there's a weather change on the way and it can't get here fast enough.




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