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Food Plot 4 - Grandpa Rays Frosty Delight

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

This mixture is a combination of several brassicas that were easy to plant, germinated well, and turned into a ridiculously lush plot within 5 weeks. It stayed green all the way into December.

Activity Results

Activity was remarkable on this plot. I had deer pouring into it - particularly after a couple of hard frosts. During the last week of the season in December, I hunted here more than any other plot because our top buck was hanging here in daylight. On the last day I took a mature doe over this field.


I really, really liked this combination planting from Grandpa Rays. Of all my late season winter (brassica/radish) plots, this was by far the top draw.

Plot Photo (Macro)

Plot Photo (Micro)

Trail Cam Photo - brought to you by Moultrie Moultrie Trail Cams

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