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Wednesday Morning Hunt

With gale-force winds, even the cooler temperature wasn't enough to get the deer moving. My Bowsite hat was literally blown off my head twice during the morning hunt and I could barely keep my camera bracket from swinging with the wind. All in all it was a tough morning hunt. I saw two does and two fawns, both which bedded under my stand. At 10:45 I spotted a lone buck sneaking through the brush downwind. I couldn't quite tell what he was but was pretty certain he was not a shooter. When Kent picked me up we spotted that buck and he was a good deer that needed another year. Bill and Ron had equally disappointing hunts. The afternoon hunt should be better.


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Wednesday Afternoon Hunt

This hunt has been pretty tough on Kent W. and Kent J. They are way more bothered about our lack of opportunity than the three of us. We were racking our brains trying to decide what afternoon stand would be best. I was there with them. They have so many good stand locations here that I couldn't decide. Then I had an idea. Remember the Seinfeld episode where George decided to do the exact opposite decision? Well that was my idea. This afternoon was Castanza day. And I was going to face my nemesis - the treestand called Kent's tree belt. For those of you that have been following these hunts Kent's tree belt holds a special place in my seven year history here. Both times I hunted it I had gastrointestinal distress and I've never seen more than a non typical spike from this stand. I had sworn it off forever but being today was Castanza day I would face my fears and hunt here this afternoon.

I just knew I was going to get a shot from here. My curse would be erased and I was bound to kill my biggest buck ever. Kent W. told me if I had killed a big buck from here he would do a double back flip! Well the hunt wasn't too bad. But no shooters. I had four different bucks appear and they chased the few does brave enough to venture near these teenagers. Bill had a similar hunt with no shooters seen. Ron had a shooter come in but he was so busted up that he just couldn't shoot him.

Tomorrow morning the weather is finally going to be ideal. Very cold in the AM and still. We're hoping to launch some arrows.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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