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Sunday Morning Hunt

Forecast called for a south wind and very warm. I hunted the round bale stand North of town. I had a buck come by in the dark. He grunted and ran off another deer but I couldn't tell what either deer looked like. At dawn several does came by and by 8:00 AM nearly 20 different deer had passed by this stand.

Two small bucks showed at 8:15 and started fighting in the field behind me. As I filmed them sparring they both turned to look east. A pretty nice buck was walking through the field before he turned an headed north.


Sunday Afternoon Hunt

For mid-November it is really hot out. Temps were in the low seventies the afternoon with a light South wind. We didn't figure the deer would move very much so we went out a little later than normal today. I was the first to be dropped off at a stand called the River stand. I wished good-luck to Bill as they drove down the ranch road to Bill's stand called the Chinaberry. I wasn't in that stand for five minutes when I spotted 3 deer approaching. Two does were being followed by a pretty good 8 point with kickers. The deer was not a shooter but even if I wanted to kill him my bow was still hanging on the ground. I was sitting on the stand platform hooking up my Huntercam Cradle bracket when they came underneath me. The does winded me and ran off, but the buck stood under my treestand and gave me enough time to pull out my video camera and film him by hand. He was rutting pretty hard. Saliva dripped from his mouth as he followed the does around. Eventually they ran off and out of sight.

The rest of the afternoon was dull. It was just too hot. I saw two dinks and a doe, nothing more. Ron Baxley hunted from a Double-Bull Blind and heard a fight at dark. He had a 125ish buck come in along with some does. Bill saw a great buck but he wouldn't stop chasing the doe he was after. We're looking forward to some cooler weather.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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