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Monday Morning Hunt

With temps 20 degrees cooler this morning we had high hopes for the AM stands. I went to a new stand placed in a large maple. It was in a patch of timber surrounded by Alfalfa. At first light a doe came in followed by a spike. A few moments later an immature 8pt ran in and started chasing them both around. I was able to film him snort-wheezing at the spike which turned out to be the highlight of the morning.

I saw another small 8 before Kent picked me up at 11:00 AM. It was pretty slow this morning. Ron did much better. He had a 140" 8 below his stand which he passed up. He then saw a really nice buck out of range. Bill also saw a shooter buck but had no shot.


Monday Afternoon Hunt

It stayed overcast all day and the wind picked up considerably. When I got into the stand it was 15mph. A half hour later it was 30 sustained with gusts of 40-45. I was dressed very well in my King of the Mountain Wools with Sitka Gear underlayers so I never got cold - but it was whipping. I could barely keep my camera on the bracket since the wind kept pushing it from right to left. Two does and two fawns crossed the fence in front of me and then ran into an alfalfa field. I saw one "likely" buck but it was late and too far to see horns. By the way it was walking - all alone - I'm pretty confident it was not a doe. It was pretty slow all day long.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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