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Sunday Morning Hunt


Kent put me in a new stand North of town. It was a great looking area and before shooting light several deer moved by me, some very close. As it grew light enough to see I watched several deer moving off the sorghum field toward my stand. It turned out to be 20 does, the largest group of does' I'd ever seen here.

I saw a couple more does but that was it until 11AM. It had turned quite warm and there was no bucks seen at all.

The High Quality Photos you are seeing have all been captured from our new High-Def video camera. Here's a recap of our filming equipment....

Camera Bracket - HunterCam Cradle HD
Camera - Panasonic HVX200
Microphone - Sennheiser MK6
Stand Bracket - Summit BuckStep


Sunday Afternoon Hunt

I hunted a mainstay for my afternoon hunt. The River stand has always been good to me, but I've never had a shot from here in five years. Tonight, my cold streak continues. It was quite warm and the deer did not move until 5:00 PM when I spotted my first doe moving. Shortly after that I noticed a small buck which came by my treestand.

He caught my wind and ran off to the North. Twenty minutes later two does came in and began feeding by the stand. Suddenly I herd a grunt and this nice buck shows up out of nowhere. He was a nice deer, but not a shooter.

The deer fed under my stand for several minutes before chasing some does over the fence. It was quite dark by now and I saw the form of another deer moving in. As it walked under my stand I could just about make out the frame of a bucks' main beams so I knew it was a buck. He fed for ten minutes before another deer came in and bumped him out. By the way the feeding buck reacted, the last deer was the bigger one. It was far too late to shoot so I simply sat it out and waited for them to leave. Kent came to pick me up and the deer ran off. I'm pretty sure the last two were shooter bucks, but they were moving too late today.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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