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Friday - Morning

What a difference a day makes. We got up to very windy conditions and COLD. I wore my King of the Mountain Wool Pants, Shirts and Beavertail Vest, this morning whereas yesterday I was in a fleece top and bottom and nothing else. The cold kicked up the rut in a big way. From 8:00-8:40 AM this sub-mature 10 pt ran around my stand chasing does.

He came by several times and I had lots of shot opportunities but he needed a couple more years before he'd be considered a shooter. I saw a couple of small bucks as well but no shooters. It was extremely windy today, even though it was cold, so I think that affected their movement.


Friday - Afternoon

I went to a new stand for my last evening hunt. I liked it immediately. The wind was perfect and the stand was set up in a great position for filming. But it was extremely windy and all I saw was a small spike buck at last light.

All in all it was a tough hunt this year for a lot of reasons. I had my shot at a great buck and I blew it. But even without that, the weather was not on our side with daytime highs ranging from the high seventies to ninety degrees. There were three of us hunting. Ron took that beautiful old, heavy buck, and Bill Gaunt saw several shooters but just couldn't put one on the ground. In fact, this evening he had a 170" buck chase a doe by his stand but he would not stay still for a shot.

You can be sure we'll be back next year. Good Hunting!




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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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