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Sunday Morning Hunt

Last year, after I had shot my buck, Kent and I did some scouting along a small creek adjacent to a bedding area. The area was torn up and we had picked out a great spot for a treestand. Kent put a stand there this year and that's where I went this morning.

An hour into my hunt a small, 3pt. buck moved down the hillside in front of me and fed around my stand. A few moments later two does crossed the river behind me and headed down the trail toward the buck. The buck chased them a little but he was not fired up enough to chase very hard. Then I saw antlers heading through the brush in front of me. A nice 10 headed in and chased off the 3pt. I looked at him hard, but he didn't measure up. He was likely still book, but I would have regretted it given where I was hunting.

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He stayed around long enough for me to shoot him several times, eventually he moved off and chased a doe. I saw several small does and fawns after that but no more bucks. The weather was cooler than yesterday, but it was still pretty hot. Hopefully it will cool down a little by the afternoon hunt.

Sunday Afternoon Hunt

The weather cooled down a little but it was still warm as I headed to my PM stand. I sat at the same stand I killed my buck in last year. The afternoon was uneventful. I had a bunch of racoons around me, they would feed around and then fight each other when they got too close. At dark a small 4pt. fed in and out.




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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Kent Jarnagin of Cimarron River Outfitters.

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