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Morning Hunt

I hunted an area called the Chinaberry trees, it is a gorgeous little knoll of trees in the middle of miles of sand hills and sage flats. The area had not been hunted in some time and Kent was confident that there would be deer moving through here. He was right! Ten minutes after he dropped me off I had a buck come in under the moonlight, he was a smallish buck that would be a good one in a couple years. At sunup a doe showed up followed by a buck that had been fighting and had snapped off all of his points on his right beam. Another buck came in a bit later and the two bucks sparred off for a few seconds. The second buck had a bigger rack, but the fighter had a noticeably larger body. He ran the larger racked-buck off. From sunup until 11:00 AM I had deer under my stand. Off in the distance I saw a decent buck with only one horn chasing does through some plumb thickets. But no shooters were seen from this stand.


Buck(s) in the AM

The larger racked 8 pt is being chased off by the bigger bodied buck with the snapped off points.

Buck 3in the AM

This buck came in at 11:00 AM, I had several good shot opportunities at him but he was not a "shooter".


Afternoon Hunt

I hunted the same stand that Dan Bertalan arrowed his nice 150" 8 point last year. This was the first time someone had hunted here in a while and I decided to give it a try. An hour after I settled into my tree stand a fork horn buck came downwind and picked me off. Shortly afterward a decent 8 pt. came in and gave me several shot opportunities. He needs another year or two before anyone should shoot him. I had several other bucks some in, another 8 and some dinks, then at dark a herd of does ambled in followed by a spike. The little herdmaster marched in mighty proud with all those does, but the 8pt stomped him and put him back in his place. I had deer chasing and grunting around me till Kent came to pick me up. It was a fun day! But unfortunately no shooter bucks were found.

Buck(6) in the PM

This 8 pt is right under me. He stayed there for over a half hour.




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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Kent Jarnagin of Cimarron River Outfitters.

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