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Morning Hunt

This morning was a little warmer than yesterday, and very still. Kent put me in a stand at the edge of a tree belt. In front, and in back of me were miles of prairie. Mostly sage and grassland. At first light a small buck approached and fed near my stand. He was a button buck (or rack fawn as we call them back east) and I nicknamed him Rob Lowe. He was actually rutting. Three does came in and our little Robbie would try to chase them. It was hilarious. The buck would stick his nose up a doe's butt and she would turn around and whack him. He kept this up for ten minutes until a bigger racked buck showed up and chased little Robbie away.


This small buck was running full-bore but his nose never left the ground. I don't know how he did it but it sure was funny looking.

That was the beginning of a crazy day. I had ten bucks come in, no shooters, but give them a year or two and they'll be dandy bucks. They were chasing does all over the place. I did see one real nice shooter buck off in the distance and I used a Primos Can call on him but he showed no response.


This real nice buck never came closer than 200 yards, he was not as heated up as the smaller bucks and simply trotted between them.

I had nonstop deer action from sunup till nearly 11:00 AM when Kent came to pick me up. He actually blew out two bucks whom had been chasing a doe around for over an hour. Several times they would run under my stand. The interesting thing was that it appeared that all the chasing, and heavy rut activity was being done by subordinate bucks - the big boys did not seem to be that heated up yet. It was a lot of fun.


This nice buck was under my stand for a few minutes. Here he is shown scent-checking does. A small doe had urinated at this spot earlier - and that seemed to get him worked up.


Here is a frontal view of the same buck - he was nice, but not a shooter for this area.


I had bucks chasing does around me all day. From sunup to the time that Kent picked me up, I never looked at my watch. It was one of my best deer hunts I've ever had.


Afternoon Hunt

The afternoon hunt was slow. I sat an area where Kent had a high stand which overlooked a rub line at the edge of a tree belt. Just beyond the tree belt was an alfalfa field. I knew as soon as I got there that this place was going to be good. But it turned out to be quiet. A doe with two fawns came in but she picked me off immediately. She stomped, then blew at me for several minutes until walking off, stiff-legged. At dark, another doe appeared and fed by my stand, she picked me off too! Then I caught movement behind here and I could just make out a heavy-racked buck. But it was too dark to shoot either an arrow or video. Besides, the doe was already alarmed.


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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Kent Jarnagin of Cimarron River Outfitters.

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