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Now that I have tagged out Forest will film Adam and I will film Clutch. Landon, Adam and Forest immediately get into a 5 x 5 bull and here is the video of what happens. Nice job videoing and calling by Landon and Forest.


As you can see from the video the hit and blood looked good but after an extremely long track the bull was not recovered. Adam was very bothered by the event but made a very difficult decision.  He decided because he had his chance and put a very hard hit on the bull he would stop hunting at that point. We never found that bull while we were there but perhaps Dan and his guides will still find him. I have great respect for Adam and his decision. It’s an honor to hunt with such a fine young man as Adam.  By the way, he booked again for next year so he can get it ALL done next time. Congrats Adam, I would hunt with you any time!

Clutch and Dan were into them for much of the AM but no shots. Dan says tomorrow we will hunt a different area. This will be good because the private land we are hunting is loaded with elk and I look forward to seeing what the other leases hold. Back to the lodge for another fine meal and company with my ‘buds”!


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Charlie's hunt takes place in Colorado with Rocking-R Ranch


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