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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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DAY 3:

We awoke to another big breakfast and left a bit earlier to get over to the leased ground. It is only 3 miles away and we hear bugles as we leave the truck. I got a good feeling:) Once it got light Dan, Clutch and I spot a really good bull with cows about a mile away on a hillside so we head over. About halfway there we spot another nice 5 x 5 with cows and try to sneak close. There are several cows on guard and it doesn’t look good for us to get very close. We get as close as we can and Dan sets up to call, Clutch goes a bit to our right and I set up on my knee in between them.

Dan lets out a bugle, does a little raking then switches to cow call and amazingly he starts coming down the hill to us. I think his existing cows just weren’t ready to breed yet and he figured maybe we were. Ha! Check out this video. Do you guys know why Clutch’s handle is “Clutch”? I have hunted with him on previous hunts and this guy gets it done.

How about that guys? Clutch’s  shot was a perfect frontal shot and the bull piled up at 75 yards. Here is a picture of the Frontal shot. We found two thirds of the arrow in the chest cavity! Wowser!

frontal shot placement

Here is a picture of Clutch and me. Dan, Clutch and I will never forget this moment!


We then brought the “Elk 1Tacoma” in and got the bull out. This next picture is Clutch skinning out his bull before hanging in the cooler.


Hunt wrap up:

The next day both Muzzle Loader guys shot their cow elk. They were fun guys and will be coming back again next year. So 5 guys went 5 for 5 with 4 elk recovered. This is an exceptional private land elk hunt with good expectations of getting a fine elk. I saw 4 or 5 very close to the 300 inch mark. If you are interested in a hunt like this contact Dan from his website or send me a PM! Thank you all for joining us on this adventure. Charlie



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Charlie's hunt takes place in Colorado with Rocking-R Ranch


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