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Deer Aging Contest 2019

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Review bucks one and two, then guess their age using the "Guess" button. The real value lies with the comments posted and the rationale for your guess. Both bucks have been accurately aged by and the results will be displayed in October.

Contest Rules - You may only enter once. Multiple guesses will disqualify you. Winners will be chosen on 10/15/2019. People who correctly choose both buck 1 and buck 2 will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a Aging kit.

Visit to Age Your Buck!


Aging deer is fun! A lot of hunters truly enjoy knowing how old their buck was when it was taken. Many hunters use DeerAge on deer they found dead as well. Aging provides valuable information on your deer herd's age structure as well as to help validate your age estimate. Many hunters age does too! Shooting a mature Alpha doe can be the hardest animal to kill in your forest. Give a try.

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