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Photos from our Plots

Every year we have tons of left over photos, either we took ourselves or photos taken by our Moultrie Trail Cameras. We decided to pick out a bunch and share them with you. Enjoy.

We had bear activity in the cornfield but only during the early season then it all stopped
Resulting bear damage
This bear gave me fits. He kept knocking down my trail cameras. I have dozens of photos like this.
Close up of the Zulu clover.
Our Real World beans in October were loaded with carlories!
The deer really hammered the corn in December and early January.
My number two buck always was doing a nice job of cleaning up my soybeans. His companion in the background is liking our turnips.
I have close to a hundred photos of coyotes stealing corn cobs.
Here's my cornfield in mid-October. The Zulu field is in the background.
Hundreds of turkeys came into my cornfield ever morning and stayed there all day. I probably have 10k photos of turkeys eating my corn.
After my neighbor gave me a dead cow for my coyote bait I had this incredible visitor parked on it for a week.
This buck loved digging for turnips! He survived the season.
This buck is at least 5.5 and he was killed during rifle by my neighbor, I passed him up in 2017 when he was 3.5 or 4.5.
Even in January nothing could keep those turkeys away from my cornfield. Not even a blizzard.
This buck walked past my redneck blind in this cornfield. I didn't shoot him. Neighbors think I'm nuts.
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