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Summary - 2019 Food Plot Seed Review

Last year I said "I don't think I've ever grown better plots than I did this past year." Well, this year I may be saying the complete opposite.

I had several plot failures this year. These include my alfalfa, trefoil, and turnip plots. All three were disasters. Fortunately, my brassica, corn, and bean plots saved the day - and at least two survivor bucks that spent more time on my ground than my neighbors.

We had tough growing conditions this year. Excessive moisture was a problem. Please consider this before you write-off the varieties that failed.

Once again, my Real World Soybeans were the top draw. They grew fantastic, were easy to manage, and drew deer like crazy. One interesting result was my cornfield. I finally grew corn that attracted more deer than bears. They were around, but didn't hit the cornfield much at all.


Plot Ranking

Plot rankings are based on a combination of growth, nutrition and attraction. This subjective scoring is based on trail camera photos, actual sightings, and plot utilization.

  1. 1. - Real World Soybeans
  2. 2. - Pioneer Field Corn
  3. 3. - Hancock Deer Greens
  4. 4. - Hancock Deer Greens
  5. 5. - Hancock white globe turnips and Austrian Peas
  6. 6. - Alfagraze 300 Alfalfa (year 2)
  7. 7. - Hancock Birdsfoot Trefoil (year 2)
  8. 8. - Hancock Zulu Clover
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