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Question 7 - What happened during your 2017 season?

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About Frank Noska

Considered by many to be one of the most successful bowhunters of modern times - with hundreds of offical Pope and Young Records, dozens of B&C records (with bow), and nearly all of that done on solo, unguided bowhunts. This unmarried, professional pilot with UPS also owns two bush planes and gets to hunt anywhere within his home state of Alaska without a guide. He's shot 10 mountain goats, a dozen grizzly/brown bears, along with countless sheep and other big game species in Alaska. In 2017 he even called in a wolf and shot it with his bow!

On the surface, it's easy to 'hate him' when the rest of us work all year long just to afford one hunt - but when you meet Frank Noska you can't help but like him. He is one of the most humble, respectful bowhunters in the field today. And the best part? He does all of this because he loves to bowhunt. He's not out self-promoting himself and some TV show like so many hunters these days with a fraction of his hunting success.

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