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Living the dream - an Interview with Frank Noska

This Alaskan bowhunter has 141 Official P&Y Records, 23 B&C records, and virtually all of them taken on unguided, solo bowhunts.

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By Pat Lefemine, Founder - Bowsite.com

Compared to the big names in Outdoor TV, Frank Noska is virtually uknown. Yet he's probably more successful than most of them combined. He hunts where he wants, when he wants, does it without cameras and fame - and his success on big game is unparalleled. With one slam under his belt, Frank is now well into his second. As if this success is not enviable enough - Frank is unmarried, lives in Alaska and flies his own bush planes.

As a jet pilot for UPS, Frank Noska is living the life many of us dream about - but will never realize. Yet despite all of this success, he remains one of the most classy, humble and dignififed bowhunters I have ever had the honor to meet. Bringing you this interview is long overdue.

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