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2007 Summit Treestands and Products

Summit has some many new products for 2007 but their focus this year appears to be headed in the right direction with a number of double-stands, both with the X-Pod double, the double-barrel and more. All designed to bring more kids into the field. Once again, Summit leads the treestand manufacturers in providing quality products designed to bring parents and kids together through hunting - while doing it safely! Also new this year is a new lighter camouflage pattern: Next G1 Camo.

Double X-Pod

The "Double X-Pod" is built upon their popular X-Pod treestand brought to market in 2006. Both the new Double X-Pod and the single version feature an improved, flared leg design for additional stability. It is shown here with an optional Camouflage Drop-Blind for additional concealment.


New Predator Pod

The Predator Pod has been redesigned in 2007 with a new seat and additional stability features. Great for that South Texas Brush Country hunt or anywhere you can't hang a traditional stand. Allows for 360 degree shooting using their swivel seat.

SOP Fastback Deluxe visitors are well familiar with the Popular SOP Harness by Summit. For 2007 they have announced the Fastback Deluxe SOP Harness shown above with optional cases for their integrated Clip system. The same great safety features are available on this model with the addition of a shape-modling liner. Just pick it up and climb to your stand in safety. Once there, unclip the modular (optional) cases and clip them to your stand, accessory belt, etc. And unlike those big bulky vests, you can wear this one under, or over your hunting clothes - the choice is entirely yours.

New "Next G1 Camo"


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