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2007 Black Ice

Matt Mickey from Bowtech and Diamond is holding the new 2007 Diamond Black Ice. Retailing at $829 for the Package, the black ice is the top of the line Diamond and features 53-degree beyond parallel limbs, and optimized center cam mass placement. This bow is incredibly smooth and shoots with absolute minimal hand shock and noise. A slender two-piece grip, 4" Pinnacle cam, and redesigned modules present the archer with the luxury of a tunable valley. IBO Speed 309-317 fps, 7.25" brace height, draw length of 26-30", 31.75" A2A, and a mass weight of 3.6lbs.

The Black Ice package includes 5-pin fiber-optic sight, capture arrow rest, camo 4-arrow quiver, braided sling, peep sight, and 4" camo stabilizer.

53-degree Beyond Parallel Limbs Black Ice 4" Pinnacle Cam 2-Piece Slender Grip


2007 The Edge

Diamond, by Bowtech, puts a considerable effort into producing high-quality, yet affordable bows for the novice archer and young bowhunter. The Edge exemplifies that commitment by producing a bow that can grow with it's owner. Their unique cam (shown below) adjusts the draw length from 18"-28" with a simple adjustment that can be down at home with an allen wrench. The bow comes as a package and includes a quiver, rest, sling and sights. All this for $329 list!

The Edge, and The Cutter allow their Bow to grow with their young archer by adjusting the draw length easily at home with two screws.

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