2009 Compound Bows

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2011 Bow Evaluation Commentary

Shooter Bows

Mathews Z7 Extreme
APA Viper V7
Martin Onza 3
Elite Hunter
Diamond Outlaw
G5 Prime Centroid
Bowtech Assassin
Hoyt CRX 32

Speed Bows

PSE Dream Season EVO
Elite Pulse
Darton DS3800
APA Mamba M7
Bear Carnage
Mathews Z7 Magnum
Bowtech Invasion CPX
Strother SX1

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle of a bow plays a major role in our perceived enjoyment of shooting. It also keeps us going back to the practice range more often if we like shooting a particular bow. Since the draw cycle is independent of the grip I had each tester wear a glove on his bow hand to further protect the identity of the bows.


Speed Bow


  1. Elite Pulse
  2. PSE Dream Season EVO
  3. Mathews z7 Magnum
  4. Bowtech Invasion


Winner:Elite Pulse