2009 Compound Bows

2011 H2H Intro
H2H Prologue
Voting and Test Procedure
2011 H2H Evaluation Team
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Noise Level Results Results
Balance/Feel Results Results
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2011 Bow Evaluation Commentary

Shooter Bows

Mathews Z7 Extreme
APA Viper V7
Martin Onza 3
Elite Hunter
Diamond Outlaw
G5 Prime Centroid
Bowtech Assassin
Hoyt CRX 32

Speed Bows

PSE Dream Season EVO
Elite Pulse
Darton DS3800
APA Mamba M7
Bear Carnage
Mathews Z7 Magnum
Bowtech Invasion CPX
Strother SX1

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Special Thanks

A very special thank-you is in order for these sponsors and friends!!


Hostage Pro Arrow Rests

Easton Archery for providing their Bow Force Mapper System, Chronograph, Grain Scales and arrows.

New Archery Products for providing QuikTune 3000 Arrow Rests

American Whitetail Targets for providing the huge bag targets needed for the blindfolded testers!

Competition Electronics

Pro Chrono Digital chronograph

And of course, all of the manufacturers who provided the bows for testing!!!