2009 Compound Bows

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2011 Bow Evaluation Commentary

Shooter Bows

Mathews Z7 Extreme
APA Viper V7
Martin Onza 3
Elite Hunter
Diamond Outlaw
G5 Prime Centroid
Bowtech Assassin
Hoyt CRX 32

Speed Bows

PSE Dream Season EVO
Elite Pulse
Darton DS3800
APA Mamba M7
Bear Carnage
Mathews Z7 Magnum
Bowtech Invasion CPX
Strother SX1

Kick / Vibration

If you were into the archery scene back in the 90s you will probably remember what I like to call the Mathews Jaw Drop - the expression on people's face when they first shot the MQ1, which had extremely low shock and vibration levels at the shot. That bow started it all and now bow manufacturers have become experts at killing vibration and kick.

A special challenge exists with this category in that the evaluator has to concentrate extremely hard to separate the noise heard in their ears with the sensation felt in their hands. Many times when a bow produces a significant level of noise we mentally transfer that sound to our perception of the shock and vibration. The two do not always go hand in hand however. To help reduce the effects of this phenomenon the evaluators were asked to wear earplugs during the test.

Shooter Bow


  1. Mathews Z7 XTreme
  2. Hoyt CRX 32
  3. Elite Hunter
  4. APA Viper V7


Winner:Mathews Z7 XTreme