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Morning Hunt

Last day pressure is never fun, but we've all been there. We didn't spend a lot of time thinking about stands, I just called Ken's tree and that's where we headed. It wasn't bad, I had a nice 3.5 year old 8pt show up that made me consider if I really wanted him or not. I couldn't talk myself into it. He was nice, but he wasn't that nice. So he got a pass. I wondered if I had made a mistake. When he walked away he looked like a bigger buck than when he was right in front of me. But isn't that always the way?

This buck came in and gave me 15 minutes to shoot him. I passed on him.


An hour after the 8 left, I heard a crunch and turned slowly to see a much bigger 8pt sneaking in to my right. He was literally eye level on a little hill and just 15 yards away. He was directly downwind and busted me. I wish I knew he was heading in, but it was still windy and noisy. I had two small bucks come by before I called it a day at noon. I had higher expectations for today given the calendar date and the wicked cold weather.


Afternoon Hunt

For my very last hunt I had to choose wisely. The two Kent's made a suggestion and it was my first choice as well - the Barby Stand. After the sun had set I started to wonder if my unlucky streak had continue right to the bitter end. In four hours all I saw was three does and a coyote. I could see for hundreds of yards and nothing was moving. The sun had already set ten minutes earlier when I could see a buck from a long distance moving across a saddle and heading toward my stand. It was a buck I was told about; a tall and wide 8pt with great mass and a very large body. He was absolutely a shooter. It took me a while to get the right shot angle. He fed facing me for several minutes. Finally, he turned to leave he gave me a sharp quartering away angle. This is a shot I love. And I delivered the CX Pile Driver right on the money. I could see the launchpad nock bury right where I wanted it. The buck tore off and before long I could hear him crash. It was over. And on the very last few minutes of the last day. What more could you ask for?

I was settled into the Barby stand for my very last hunt

Shortly after sunset this tall, and wide 8pt made it's way to my stand

Watch the video of this Shot!

We found the deer with the help of my lighted nock. The severe quartering away with no exit made blood trailing impossible.

Surprisingly, coyotes had found my buck in no less than 35 minutes!

This was a super buck and another great hunt from Kansas

And one last photo - get a load of the body size on this deer!


Kent drove up and together we went to find the deer. I knew he was dead, and did not go far. But we couldn't find him for the life of us. After 30 minutes I caught a glimpse of my lighted nock. As I approached, it was connected to a very big buck. He was enormous. He had a tall, heavy rack but he was a giant deer. It reminded me of my Saskatchewan buck which tipped the scales at 303. I doubt he's that big, but he's a big buck. We had to take a photo to show you (below).

Another year comes to an end here at Cimarron River Outfitters. It was a challenging hunt for the first four days. But it sure finished strong. Jake killed a monster on the first day that nobody will ever forget. And I never forget the 50 degree temperature drop in 24 hours followed by extreme cold and wind. It was a hell of a hunt. My sincerest thanks to Kent Woolfolk and Kent Jarnagin for another year of fantastic deer hunting. Of course, we'll be right back here next year.


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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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