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Morning Hunt

What a difference 50 degrees makes. It was still windy this morning when I started my hunt, but it wasn't gusting. A steady 20-25 mph wind made the 18 degrees feel like 6 degrees. It was very cold, and that definitely affected deer movements. I saw more deer today than the previous three combined, including some nice bucks.

The first buck I saw was chasing a doe

The wind chill was 6° but I was warm except for my hands and feet.

This young 10pt came from my downwind, gave me a glance, and then kept coming right under my stand


It started with a young 8 that was chasing at dawn. Followed by a young 10pt that came right by my stand and looked right through me despite being pretty open in this particular stand. All of the action was before 8AM then it went flat. I stayed until 11AM and then changed stands. .

Afternoon Hunt

The winds had diminished to a manageable 10-15 mph and that made the afternoon more pleasant than the morning. It never quite broke 30 degrees all day, it was clear and cold. Perfect! I was in the stand early but had no action until 4PM. A mature 10pt walked under my stand. I really wasn't interested in him, he was a good deer but not great and while I'm not holding out for a deer like Jake killed, I want a buck that's either got lots of character or very high scoring. If you remember back to the buck I killed last year with 7" bases, that had character. This buck is just a clean 10 with a couple inches broke off his G4. So he got a pass. I had one other buck come in and that was the Beelzabuck because he sported devil horns.

At 4PM this mature 10pt came right under my stand in broad daylight. Never looked up.

The buck walked right under my stand but never noticed me 15 feet above him.







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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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