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Slick Trick signs with Bowsite.com as the Official Broadhead

For years here on Bowsite - positive broadhead discussions were dominated by Slick-Trick. We are now very happy to announce that Slick Trick has signed as our newest Platinum Sponsor and is now the "Official Broadhead of Bowsite.com".

Slick Trick Broadheads bring together a combination of high-quality materials, tight tolerances and groundbreaking design to deliver performance unrivaled by any fixed-blade broadhead in their price category. The perfect marriage of Super Steel™ ferrules, LUTZ® blades and our patented Alcatraz™ blade lock system result in a broadhead that provides consistent flight at ultra-high speed, bone crushing power and cutting ability that’s surgical grade. Bowhunters who demand 100% reliability and short blood trails need to look no further.

Please welcome this outstanding archery company.

  • Sitka Gear