Continuous Plots 18-May-16 Habitat Improvement
Over winter I did some major work on my property. Following the recommendations of the advice in Jeff Sturgis's books, I closed off half of my property (northern end) to any human activity. I shut down my plot up there as well and am letting it go back to native.

I extended and widened my central plot. It is a total of six acres and should encourage the deer to walk the length of the southern half of my 120 acres.

2/3 of the plot will be split in half with a rotation of one half being brassica, radish, beets and the other half with cereal grains and winter peas. I will swap these each year.

With the other 1/3 I am going back to a clover plot, and will plant a mix of ladino, medium red with some rye grain/wheat as cover this fall. I will frost seed in some Durano in February. I will try and get 2 years out of this and rotate my entire six acres with these three plots.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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Continuous Plots Habitat Improvement 18-May-16 Continuous Plots
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