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Food Plot Projects

Nothing can match real-life experience. That's why we encourage you to share your food plot and habitat projects here on DeerBuilder. Getting started is easy. Just hit the button below and follow the instructions:

The Steps are simple:

Step 1: Add Your Property (do this only once*)

Step 2: Then update that property as often as you like!

*If you have more than one property, then you can add multiple properties and update them individually!

Once you have created a Property, you can update it as often as you like. You can invite feedback on your property and ask questions from this community. Most "DeerBuilders" will be happy to offer you advice, but we will be learning from you too! Here are some suggestions you might include in your property updates:

  • Food Plot Results
  • Trail Cam photos from your plots
  • Special projects like bedding areas, hinge cuttings, prescribed burns
  • Preparing ground
  • Soil Tests
  • Kill photos from your land
  • Boy toys, like your tractor, attachments, and ATVs
  • Commercial seed blends and results using them
  • Predator Management Results (ie. dead coyote photos!!)
Win a DeerBuilder Hat

Our goal is to have 100 active properties our first year. To encourage participation, we will be choosing one property each week and sending the lucky winner a DeerBuilder Cap or T-shirt!

And one last thing...No Property or project is too small, too large, or too basic!


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