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Join Pat Lefemine in the Northwest Territories

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This 6-day Semi-live bowhunt takes place in the remote wilderness of the Northwest Territories. It is a guided, spot and stalk style hunt for Central Barren Ground Caribou.

Bowhunting Central Barren Ground Caribou requires an experienced outfitter. For this hunt, we chose Adventure Northwest of Yellowknife NWT. Boyd, Craig, Glenn and the rest of the crew who make up Adventure Northwest had been highly recommended by several respected bowhunters so it was the first and only operation I had contacted for this bowhunt.

Unlike the Quebec-Lab type of hunts, this hunt required glassing over long distances and finding trophy bulls in a stalkable position. The area we would be hunting is called Little Marten Lake, above treeline 150 miles NE of Yellowknife. There are 12 hunters in camp, I am the only one bowhunting.

The twin otter cut the throttle and began its descent into Little Marten Lake. We taxied up to the beach camp located on the North shore, surrounded by thousands of other lakes, rolling hills and tundra. Far above treeline, my first reaction was this was going to be a tough bowhunt. Cover was sparse, but given good numbers of bulls, it was doable.

We all settled into our assigned camps and had a brief orientation and excellent lunch with Dave Vaughan, the camp manager and cook. It was then that I met my guide Paul Ongahak, an Inuit from Coppermine, NWT. I also met the hunter I would be paired up with, Bill Goodman, an accountant from Dallas Texas who I could tell would be easy to get along with.

I liked everyone right from the start. They were friendly, courteous and extremely well organized. The camp was clean, comfortable and had everything we'd need for a week-long hunt. I was also enjoying the other hunters in camp. Sometimes friction occurs between rifle hunters and bowhunters, but I did not think that would happen with this crew - time would tell.

Since arrival day is legally a no-hunt day, we enjoyed some of the great fishing and rested up for the hunt tomorrow. I caught a nice lake trout right off the dock and after dinner, Paul, Bill and I headed out in the boat to fish. While bill caught grayling at an area called the North Rapids, Paul and I headed up a hill to look for caribou. It didn't take long, we spotted a bull cross a few hundred yards away. This was a great sign!



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Our outfitter for this hunt is Adventure Northwest
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P.O. Box 820
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Tel: (867) 920-2196
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