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Today was cool and clear and we figured with the previous day’s storm the Moose would be very active. We went back to the same area but the streams had turned to rivers and the crossings were much harder. When we got to the quad everything was super wet and it took us much longer to get to our destination. We would cover different ridges today and glass entirely new areas. After a while Matt spotted a nice bull and we made a move.

When we got to the area Nelson once again positioned us and he made a circle around the bull and pushed him toward us. In the attached video you will see the bull stop perfectly and look back at Nelson however he was about 60 yards away and never came closer. Notice his beard swaying in the wind.

Video of this scene

The balance of the day we saw a total of 8 moose. We figured we were walking between 5 and 8 miles each day. The Newfoundland bogs, alders and timber is very slow going and challenging to walk. If you’ve been there you know it’s quite different than any other place in North America. The moose seem to love it and it is a thrill to see them navigate with such little effort.


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White Feather Lodge

Charlie's Moose hunt takes place in Newfoundland Canada with Cog Pellig'sWhite Feather Lodge.


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