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Morning Hunt

It was going to be warm again today so I didn't have high expectations. But that changed 30 minutes into the hunt. I had several does come in and feed. A young spike showed up and made a scrape followed by a small eight who chased him off.

Two does approached from the East and fed under me. I could tell by their body language that another deer was approaching and sure enough a really nice eight point came in grunting with every step. I was tempted, I like big eights but he wasn't quite big enough so I passed him up. It is still early in the hunt and the temperatures will be plummeting so no regrets (not yet at least).

I filmed that buck for quite a while in the early morning sun and sometimes the video footage is as much a trophy as a kill.

I had one more buck show up. An eight with his entire left beam snapped off. I watched him make a scrape and then he walked off. It was just starting to warm up and after that last buck left all movement came to an end. We all got out earlier than normal due to the heat and wind which was building. But it was a great first morning.



Afternoon Hunt

We had very low expectations for this evening. Temps were in the low eighties with a 30mph wind. I saw two does this afternoon from the Round Bale stand, Jake saw twelve does, and Ron saw a giant a few hundred yards across a wheat field. The buck was not moving much and hung out in a small area. The weather forecast for tomorrow is even worse, warm with 45mph winds. We will hunt but it will likely be a write-off until the temps plummet on Saturday night. Sunday and Monday should be cold and still.

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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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