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November 9-15

Day 3

Morning Hunt

With Jake and I tagged out it was Tom's turn to get a buck. It's been red hot this year and we were all optimistic for him. Tom has never killed a Pope and Young whitetail so we were all rooting for him. He hunted Larry's Creek and saw several bucks and does but no shooters.

Afternoon Hunt

For the afternoon hunt Tom went to a new blind at the South Pasture. One of the hunter here has designed these incredible ground blinds and had installed them in some new areas that have never been hunted before. Tom settled into the blind at 3PM and hoped for the best.

He had a small 3 point show up and a bunch of does. At last light there were two does that came in and they ran off. Tom knew a buck was coming in but he couldn't see it yet. When the buck appeared he knew instantly it was a shooter. He pulled back his bow and made a perfect heart shot. The deer ran 30 yards and fell over dead. Incredibly, the coyotes were on him in less than 10 minutes so Tom called Kent and asked him if he could get out of the blind (that is a strict rule here). Kent told him to get out before the coyotes tore into him. Tom ran them off and walked up to his buck. He had no idea what he had just killed!

It was a 12 point with phenomenal mass. We did a quick field judge and we put him into the 180's! Not a bad first PY deer for Tom huh? We were flying high. What a week!


Tom's first Pope and Young buck is just incredible! We estimated him in the 180's!

Jake had left already and we played a really cruel practical joke on him - letting him believe that Tom had misjudged and shot a little buck. We had Jake going for a while before texting him the photo of Tom's Monster buck. We had a great laugh last night.

So we wrap up this week at 100% on P&Y bucks. We think Jake's buck will go 160ish, my buck will go 170ish, and Tom's buck with go 180ish. What an unbelievable hunt!

As always, our thanks to Kent Jarnagin and his son Clay Jarnagin for just a wonderful experience. We're already counting the days until November 2017.



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