Last January, 1998, we took Bowsite visitors along on an exciting lion hunt in Central Idaho with outfitter and archery history buff, Ron Sherer. Halfway through our hunt the female lion quota was met and the season was closed. Ron had invited me back for another hunt and so, once again, you guys are here too! We hope you enjoy this feature beginning 12/27/98 with the sights and sounds of an action packed cougar hunt. We are also introducing a new video technology I'm sure everyone will enjoy. So be sure to tune back in here for lots of fun as we search for a nice Tom in the scenic mountains of snowy Idaho.

 Sunday 12/27
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The Bowsite continues its tradition of bringing you Live hunts while they are happening. This one takes place in Central Idaho with guide Ron Sherer of Steel Mountain Outfitters (208-939-0469). E-Mail Ron has been guiding cat hunters since 1977 and came highly recommended by just about everyone I talked to. But Ron is not just a lion guide, he is a Pope and Young Board member and archery history buff. This time we are accompanied by Ron's lovely wife Suzy who is no stranger to bowhunting. Suzy has 6 animals in the Pope and Young record book and has killed 11 species with the bow.