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Photos from our Plots

Every year we have tons of left over photos, either we took ourselves or photos taken by our Moultrie Trail Cameras. We decided to pick out a bunch and share them with you. Enjoy.

Look closely and you will see me Liming this field from this drone photo
One of the things I love about beans is after the greens are gone, the beans take center stage.
Food Plot 2 was doubled in size. This .5 acre clearing took me about one day with my JD 450h.
While checking a trail camera in my bean plot I looked up to see a young buck watching me. Little did I know, the trailcam on his path caught it!
This late November ice storm was magnificent
My #1 buck mixing it up with a buck half his age.
My number two buck always entered the field here and scanned before entering the beans. I have several photos just like this.
Here's my new ground on Food Plot 4 and my winter brassica magnet.
Backstory. I was picking corn in the sweet corn field when this bear walked in. I heard the commotion and thought it was a deer. I learned later it was this bear.
This buck is enjoying our Birdsfoot Trefoil plot which ran parallel to our sorghum.
I thought this was a cool shot so I thought I would share it.
When we buy lime, we don't mess around. Delivered by Wrisley Bros. Farm in Boonville, NY.
Never having grown sorghum I had no idea how the seedheads grew until I saw my first stalk-split. Very interesting.
This was my biggest plot,#7, the afternoon that I planted the field.
This is Plot 7 four weeks later and a week after spraying Glyfo.
I have never seen a bear eating soybeans, but I have several photos of this bear heading back to his daytime area to sleep.
Can you guess if this is corn or sorghum? Hint - it's not corn.

My sorghum and trefoil field ready for planting.

Great photo of a doe enjoying our alfala field.
This photo was taken by my drone while I was liming my clover field. I had burned it down this year a couple of time.


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