Summit Treestands

Summary - 2019 Food Plot Seed Review

I don't think I've ever grown better plots than I did this past year. We had great weather for growing, a relatively mild winter, and good moisture without saturating the ground. The deer herds were attracted to the many varieties as well, with strong results on both bear and deer.

During my previous review in 2018 (of the 2017 season) I mentioned that I needed to rework my brassica/grain ratio. I felt I had too many brassicas and many were left to rot under the snow. I changed that this year and felt I may have gone a bit too lean. I will consider adding more brassicas this year. I also dropped a couple of clover fields this year. I felt it was time to burn them down with successive sprayings to get on top of the weeds. I also applied about 10 tons of lime this year. Once again, soybeans reigned supreme, but there were a few surprises too. First, had an awesome crop with Alfagraze 300 RR alfalfa. I always wanted to try that and I learned a bunch. It's expensive, but if you have weed issues on your alfalfa it may help. Second, I was very impressed with Birdsfoot Trefoil. While not a top draw, it held it's own with all the competition for food available on my property. Finally, my first field of sorghum did great, but it was pretty short lived after the deer discovered it. It's certainly a good alternative for corn.

Plot Ranking

Below is our 2019 plot rankings based on a combination of growth, nutrition and attraction. This subjective scoring is based on trail camera photos, actual sightings, and plot utilization.

  1. 1. Food Plot 7 - Real World Soybeans
  2. 2. Food Plot 1d - Alfagraze 300 Alfalfa
  3. 3. Food Plot 4 - Hancock Deer Greens, Austrian Peas
  4. 4. Food Plot 7a - Hancock Blackhawk Clover
  5. 5. Food Plot 2a - Hancock Birdsfoot Trefoil
  6. 6. Food Plot 2 - Hancock WGF Sorghum
  7. 7. Food Plot 1b - Silver Queen Sweet Corn
  8. 8. Food Plot 1a - Hancock Siberian Kale
  9. 9. Food Plot 1c - Hancock Buckwheat
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