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Roosevelt Elk

Hunt Cost: $4,500
Travel Cost: $400
Attempts: 1

Date Killed: 09/12/2011

Jake's Difficulty Rating
Roosevelt Elk 1

Jake rated each animal based on three criteria:

1.) degree of training probably required:
2.) element of danger...(either from the expected weather, terrain, or animal)
3.) the cost.

Zero would be the lowest, and three would the highest.

He did not take into account the difficulty involved in taking a P&Y caliber animal (i.e. mule deer, etc).


Taxidermy Photo

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Jake's Roosevelt Elk Summary

I have taken Roosevelt elk on two occasions, but I was only able to bring the meat back once. I am amazed at how such a large, heavy animal can disappear into the canopy so quickly, and quietly....but when considering how heavy the vegetation is, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. These bulls tend to be a little heavier in the body than a Rocky Mountain Elk, and the antlers seem to be a little darker....maybe a function of diet, or more likely, higher instances of rubbing on a type of pine tree, where the pitch may darken the antlers more? Regardless, they are darned good eating, and a hoot to hunt. I didn't think that they that they were quite as vocal as the Tule or the Rocky Mountain bulls that I hunted.....many it is just a function of not being in the right place at the right time.

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