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Tule Elk

Hunt Cost: $13,000
Travel Cost: $600
Attempts: 1

Date Killed: 08/21/2010

Jake's Difficulty Rating
Tule Elk 1

Jake rated each animal based on three criteria:

1.) degree of training probably required:
2.) element of danger...(either from the expected weather, terrain, or animal)
3.) the cost.

Zero would be the lowest, and three would the highest.

He did not take into account the difficulty involved in taking a P&Y caliber animal (i.e. mule deer, etc).


Taxidermy Photo

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Jake's Tule Elk Summary

I hunted about three hours north of Sacramento, for my Tule bull, and it was a great time. I was amazed the hear bulls bugling even though the temperatures would exceed ninety degrees daily. This illustrates the difference between a plains elk and a mountain elk. It was 109 degrees on the day that I left, and they were screaming as I was leaving. I also got eat rattlesnake and was able to have fellow Bowsiter, Don Martin (aka Hollywood) with me, to video the hunt. Despite blowing an opportunity early in the hunt, I was able to get a 46 yard shot on the fourth or fifth day of the hunt. The bull probably traveled less than 30 yards after being hit, and was down in 10-15 seconds. Getting in position for a shot, while filming the adventure also proved to be a memorable experience. We also videoed Don Martin filming the correct way to do butcher an elk using the 'rib roll', which is a good thing to know if you are going to hunt in Alaska....because it minimizes the potential for any meat loss or waste....regardless of the species. This bull was smaller than my Roosevelt bull, and the meat tasted virtually the same.....despite a completely different hunting climate and differing vegetation.

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