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Moultrie Cams - New Design for 2015

Moultrie Game Cameras Raise the Bar Yet Again

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – With modifications and improvements across the line and a continued focus on durability and reliability, Moultrie Products has made an already top-of-class product even better for the upcoming 2015 season. The entire line of Moultrie trail cameras has received enhancements that are guaranteed to give hunters an unmatched advantage in planning and executing the perfect hunt.

“We are proud to say that Moultrie has taken an already outstanding product and propelled it to a whole new level,” stated Vice President of Marketing for PRADCO Outdoor Brands, John Skrabo. “The attention to detail and an unmatched focus on delivering a high quality product has created a line of game cameras from top to bottom, like nothing on the market today.”

The most apparent change to the overall game camera lineup is the rugged new look that the entire Moultrie product line has taken on. Modifications to the design go beyond mere cosmetic changes, however, and most importantly include improved weather resistance, allowing critical components to remain completely sealed from the elements. Long-term performance and reliability has also been improved through the implementation of a snap together module design that eliminates potential solder quality issues. This improved module design has contributed significantly to the production and testing processes of all Moultrie cameras before they even leave the factory.

When the 2015 Moultrie trail cameras enter the field, advances in image quality will produce substantially clearer and sharper daytime images with noticeably enhanced coloration. Night time images will retain the high quality contrast that is critical when distinguishing that big shooter buck. The new design, which incorporates a “grid” pattern over all LED lenses, allows for the breakup of the LED arrays, providing better-than-ever concealment in the woods. In conjunction with the new LED layout, an upgraded IR filter design has produced a much quieter action and has virtually eliminated the possibility of the filter sticking. Better-quality PIR lensing has also increased camera range and response. With easy to use interfaces, more organized menu systems, and a “quick start” setting, Moultrie trail cameras can now be confidently deployed in a matter of seconds.

Consumers may be most excited about the advanced features and settings offered at lower price points that were previously available only on “high-end” game cameras.  With quicker delay times, invisible flash options and the inclusion of multi-shot, what used to be considered an “entry level” trail camera is now capable of nearly any scouting application while still available at a great price.

For product information and media inquiries, please contract Glenn Walker, [email protected]

About Moultrie: 
Moultrie is the most recognizable and best-selling game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures game cameras, feeders, spreaders, sprayers, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With 35 years as the leader in the industry, Moultrie is a trusted expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor Brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at


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