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Hunter: Mike Neilson
Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camps
Ratings to date: 160
Average Rating 4.9

Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

What a fantastic hunt! From the beginning Matt & Cheryl have treated me very kindly and very professionally. Even though I've been there a few times, I go through orientation just like everybody else to be sure we all understand the rules and there are no assumptions from previous hunts. The number of hogs were as high as I have ever seen and the pigs looked extremely healthy. I saw hogs from little piglets to huge pigs that would tip the scales at over 200 pounds. The boar I shot the first night from stand 7 weighed in at 210 pounds (the largest I've ever taken there). The second night I was after a smaller hog (under 60 pounds) and had 2 different hogs come to the stand that were over 150 pounds each (I let them walk). Finally I had a group of 6 show up and 1 looked just about right. The shot was true and I collected my first hog. Matt and Cheryl drove around after dark to help the hunters load and look for hogs. For a small fee they will even field dress your hog for you. There is a processor 30 minutes away from camp.

This hunt was a blast and the Nappers were the consummate professionals. Courteous, friendly, and genuinely interested in us and all of the other hunters having a good successful hunt.

We also had 2 kids (12 and 13 years old) hunting in camp with us and Matt & Cheryl treated them just like the rest of the hunters. They are a class act and very family friendly.

I would recommend Shiloh Ranch to anybody who wants to have a no-pressure, high success opportunity to hunt wild hogs.

Outfitter's Response

Mike, thanks for the kind words! Nice boar and a great shot. Mike is a tremendous asset to the annual Shiloh Ranch "Porkapalooza" and it wouldn't be possible without him.

Thanks again, Mike!

Matt & Cheryl

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - June 2014
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 10
Outfitter Cost - $350.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
We had a few showers come through the area and the temperatures were in the upper 80's to low 90's. Pretty standard weather for Oklahoma.
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