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bowhunting elephant

Live via Sat Phone - By Tim Metcalf

Tim Metcalf is going for the ultimate dangerous game animal in bowhunting, the African Elephant. He is hunting in Zimbabwe on a PAC (Problem Animal Control) hunt. This hunt is extremely dangerous and also very difficult. Getting the right shot at the right animal is only half the battle. The shot must be perfect, and then you must hope the animal does not charge the hunter, PH or Trackers. Tim will be calling in each day for the next several days via a Sat Phone.

Hunts Called In

June 11th - Day 1
June 12th - Day 2
June 13th - Day 3
June 14th - Day 4
June 15th - Day 5
June 16th - Day 6
June 17th - Day 7 - no update
June 18th - Day 8
June 19th - Day 9
June 20th - Day 10
June 21st - Final Day


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Tim Metcalf goes by the handle of Bigpizzaman on the Bowsite.com Forums. He is a restaurant owner from Louisiana and an avid big game bowhunter. We will post photos as soon as we get them.

This hunt was arranged by Bowhunting Safari Consultants - a Bowsite.com Sponsor


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