Moultrie Mobile's Elk Calling Contest

Results of the Bowsite's Elk Calling Contest

Points Name Call Used Calls
395 Collin Elmy Coronach, Saskachewan, (ID=2) Abe&Son (bull call) Primos (Cow Call)
Bull Cow
361 Jeff Basham Granville, Ohio, (ID=10) Primo's Call's
Bull Cow
337 Richard Swedhin Buena Vista, CO, (ID=7) Lohman, Carlton
Bull Cow
335 Joe Zupancic New Virginia, IA, (ID=14) Hunter Specialties Double Reed & Grunt tube
Bull Cow
334 Bill Randall Baker City, OR, (ID=19) Primos Ivory pallet plate, abe and sons tube
Bull Cow
313 Ken Krueger Drummond, MT, (ID=13) Herdmaster by Quakerboy for cow, Primos Terminator Elk Call for bull
Bull Cow
306 Steve Hart Rathdrum, ID, (ID=1) Glen Berry's Crossed triple reed (Bull & Cow sounds)
Bull Cow
292 Steve Davis Belgrade, MT, (ID=17) Primos Ivory Plate, Abe & Son Tube
Bull Cow
283 Francisco Cortez Taos,NM, (ID=11) Colorado Elite Triple Reed "Growler" and Wayne Carltons Fighting Cow Call
Bull Cow
277 Ryan Davenport Castle Rock WA, (ID=8) Glen Berry Criss Cross Triple Mouth Call
Bull Cow
270 Dan Moore Kallispell, MT, (ID=18) Glen Berry Big Bull & Sleazy Cow call
Bull Cow
269 Doyle Arves Shelby, Mt, (ID=9) Abe and Sons bugle, and a Wayne Carlton's Fighting cow call
Bull Cow
269 Keith Grona Coronach, Saskachewan, (ID=3) Abe&Son
Bull Cow
261 Jason Cox Silt, CO, (ID=6) Cox outdoor products - double reed
Bull Cow
258 Al Morris Savery, WY, (ID=16) Quaker Boy Diaphram
Bull Cow
221 Pat Lefemine Union, CT, (ID=5) Larry D. Jones Double, Sceery cow call, Note: exempt from prizes
Bull Cow
197 Kenny Branham The Dalles, OR, (ID=15) Abe & Son Bugle, Home Made Small Bugle, Larry Jones Cow & Calf Call, Carlton Diaphram
Bull Cow
195 Robert Strong Garrett, In, (ID=12) Primos Hyper Lip Bugle
Bull Cow
192 Katie Cox Silt, CO, (ID=4) Voice Call (age 11)
Bull Cow

Winners: The winners will be notified shortly by the Bowsite with instructions on claiming your prizes.



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