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  1. Submissions – we will accept your submissions either electronically as a wav (.wav) file via e-mail (preferred), or you may send them on a cassette tape to:

    PO box 955
    Eastford, CT 06242

    Include the following mandatory information:

    City, State, Zip
    E-mail address
    Daytime Phone
    Evening Phone
    Brand and model of call used

    Tape must be clearly marked with the information listed above. All tapes and recordings become the property of bowsite.com.

  2. Validation – the top five finalists may be contacted at home to validate their recordings.  You will be asked to reproduce your calls over the phone.  If you cannot produce a similar call to your entry, your submission will be disqualified.
  3. Calls – you will be judged on two calls: Bull sounds – (1 minute) bugles, growls, grunts, squeals, chuckles, etc. and Cow sounds - (1 minute).  Please submit only 1 minute of each.  We will take the first minute only of your submission in each category.
  4. Calling Devices –Only vocal calling or sounds produced by hand-held and/or breath-operated instruments may be used.
  5. Deadline - entries must be received by July 30, 2001. We reserve the right to extend the deadline if less than 20 submissions are received.



How the contest works

You will submit your elk calls to Bowsite.com and we will post them to the elk calling contest feature page.  A digital sound file of your calls will be posted for people to listen to.  Your name will not be visible, you will be assigned a number. Next to your number will be a voting box.  Registered users of Bowsite.com will be allowed to vote only once for (whom they consider to be) the most realistic sounding elk caller.  When the competition is closed on August 20th, the votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced.  Your score will be determined on both your bull, and cow calls as chosen by our registered visitors.



305 fps


4lb 5.4oz

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PSE Brush.

Hunter - $716.99
Left hand - add $15.00





A New Team Primos Bow

Will Primos had been shooting a PSE Durango for some time and he was wondering how to integrate some of the new PSE products and components into his bow.

So PSE took the new Durango Lite riser with Magnaglass limbs and added the new Ultimate One-Cam and the new NV System™. Other niceties included the hardwood grip and a posi-lock rest pocket. The result, a high performance bow with a perfect let-off... and whisper quiet action.

Currently being shipped in 29" draw length in 60# and 70#. Draw lengths from 26" through 31" can be achieved with a simple module change. 65% let-off modules are also available.

Check out PSE's Website for a special elk calling feature by Ralph Ramos



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At DAY ONE you will find their workmanship, designs, and product integrity out-performs today's standards. For example, their garments are all handmade, meaning one person makes your camouflage - start to finish. They feature tall Weather Check Collars, NEW insulated performance pockets and directionally correct branch and leaf camouflage patterns. So, expect years of "SILENT SUCCESS" and durable wear with DAY ONE.

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3 people will win the new Wild West Video from PSE

The PSE Team brings you the next chapter in the PSE Experience.

You won’t believe your eyes as you watch John May 5 yards from a 350 class bull trying to decide whether to shoot or not, or Robbie Daniel’s curious Pronghorn on the plains of San Augustine, or Saundra May passing on bulls most hunters would die for. It's all here and a lot more.

Join us in this western adventure with Pete Shepley, Ray Howell, John and Saundra May, Robbie Daniels and many more Team PSE hunters as they share their exciting experiences in the Wild West.

Mule Deer, Javelina, Pronghorn, and Elk; all Spot and Stalk. This is the West at its Best. The PSE Experience- You never know what the next adventure will bring.

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Video Preview

Any Questions? E-mail us at [email protected]
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