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By Pat Lefemine

Every time I enter the hog forum I'm going to smile, and remember my friend.

Jeff knew I was from the Northeast - and we don't get that whole 'Hawg thing' up here. So he led the effort to "educate" me on why I needed a hog forum on Bowsite. I resisted, but he wore me down, organizing an email assault on my inbox. I caved and announced the Hog forum. But I wasn't quite sold on hog hunting myself until Jeff convinced me to come down and attend one of the Magnificent Hog Hunts which was born from his creative, yet slightly 'abnormal' mind. I had the time of my life! Sure, the hog hunting was great, but he had a way of bringing people together like nobody I've ever seen - and everyone knew it was Jeff that really made the hunt.

Since 1996 Jeff Coggins (Tennbow) became more than just a regular visitor of the Bowsite - he was a comedian, a practical joker, a passionate bowhunter, and a friend. He probably posted more on our forums than anyone in our history - most of it was outrageous, some of it was racy - and yet he always knew how far to push our editors - just enough to make us shake our heads and laugh. I found myself seeking out his posts because they were just so damned witty. And I was not alone. He was more than just a popular figure on our forums - he was bigger than Nugent, bigger than Chuck Adams or Mitch Rompola. He could draw people to a thread and keep them engaged in some of the most inane topics. I often wondered if he was nuts - but I knew deep down that he was just playing with everyone. While he never admitted it, I suspect his motivation was to get many of us to stop taking things so darned serious.

At the 2000 AMO trade show, Jeff hung out at our booth and we left him alone at one point. When I came back to the booth he had somehow drawn a group of "good ole boys" and they were yucking it up like old friends. He had a presence about him that just sucked people in. Yet he never floated above anyone - I don't think he made anyone feel second best - he always made you feel special.

My best memories were being with Jeff doing what he loved most - hog hunting. We were at the Magnificent Hog Hunt (which he organized) and I was what Jeff coined "a virgin." He hunted with us in our group and I really wanted to film him shooting a boar. But he wanted everyone else (including me) to get a hog and waited till the end to take his. It was obvious he was there for the people - he could care less about shooting his hog. He made a great shot and in order to make the video complete I needed him and the guide to say a few words. Well, you could tell Jeff was no Tom Miranda.

On our first try he talks about the hunt then adds these words:

Take One:

Jeff - "This big hog had been shot the day before and I can smell the wound"

I stopped the video and laughed - "Jeff - you can't talk about that on video!!"

Take Two:

Jeff - "This big boar dragged us through some of the nastiest Sh*t imaginable"

I stopped the video again and laughed - "Jeff - you cant say Sh*t on video!!!"

Take Three:

Things were going great, no talk about festering wounds, no cursing. And just before they were ready to wrap it up Jeff's two-way goes off. I think it was Roger Yenn yelled "Take Four" and we all busted out laughing.


The practical jokes, the comedy, the huge personality were some of the things that made Jeff likable. But it wasn't until these last few months that I saw the most remarkable side of Jeff - his courage. As many of you, I've been close to people diagnosed with a terminal disease. And I have seen people face their illness with incredible faith and courage. But I must say, I've never seen anyone face it quite like Jeff did. It was nothing short of incredible. He left us doing what he loved, in a place he loved, and knowing that he was loved - by his family, close friends, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who knew him - and me. The most ironic part about writing this is because I know he'd hate this tribute - but this time it's our turn to give Jeff the spotlight - for once.

I know somewhere in Heaven there's a crowd hanging around a new recruit, listening to tall tales and probably sipping an adult beverage. In the shadows lurks some mighty nervous hogs and if heaven has a website administrator, I'm sure he's shaking his head and chuckling.

Jeff, we won't ever forget you.


Luscious Teague
as told by Roger Yenn

I received a call from a gentleman who lived in Tibedeau, Louisiana by the name of Luscious Teague (aka Jeff Coggins).

He was the President of B.U.B.A., Black United Bowhunters of America. I was operating Renegade Bowhunter Supply on the Bowsite during this time. The hoax began with an order which I thought to be fictitious. It contained an abbreviated credit card number etc. So I sent the order back with the information needed to complete the order, and asked for a valid c/c number. A month went by and then I was contacted by Luscious Teague. Luscious started the conversation on a light note, but the conversation escalated to UGLY in no time at all. It was apparent that Luscious wasn't computer savvy by any means and accused me of being a racist because I didn't ship him the five Scent-Lok suits he ordered. He went on to say that his brother in-law Leon Thompson Esquire III who resided in Chicago, would contact me.

After the call with Luscious (Jeff Coggins) my wife and I talked. She asked what was wrong and could tell that I was VERY aggravated, to say the least. This is where the plot thickens.

Within an hour the phone rings again. This time it is Leon Thompson Esquire III from Chicago (Wes Sarrat, aka Hog Sticker). Leon identifies himself in the beginning of the conversation and states he has a client that wishes to bring charges of racism against me and my company for refusing to ship those five Scent-Lok suits. I attempted to explain to Leon that the order didn't contain the necessary information needed to process the order. I also told him that in NO way was I a racist because I didn't ship the order to B.U.B.A. That wasn't good enough. Leon started to twist the story and lean it toward Luscious, his client and brother in-law. Again it grew to UGLY very quickly.

Toward the end of the heated conversation, I hear an OUTBREAK of UNCONTROLLABLE laughter on the phone. It was apparent there was another person besides myself and "Leon" on the phone during the conversation. Jeff thought I would have a coronary if the conversation went any further so, he attempted franticly to let me know it was him and Wes pulling this prank. Jeff asked to speak with my wife Donna to smooth things over with her as well. My family will always remember Jeff for his wit and humor.


From (Top Left): Chris, Jeff Coggins, Diane
(Bottom Left): Lauren Coggins, Andy Coggins, Harrison, and Nick

Jeffery Andrew Coggins died on January 10th, 2004. He was found at his hog hunting lease in Tennessee.

Jeff is survived by parents, A. V. and Gladys Coggins of Parrottsville, TN; wife, Nancy Oberti of Mt. Juliet, TN; daughter, Lauren Coggins of Mt. Juliet, TN; son, Andy Coggins of Mt. Juliet, TN; sister, Janet Lee Coggins of Parrottsville, TN; brother, Joel Bradley (Yvette) Coggins of Greenville, TN; nephews, Jeremy and Christopher Coggins.

The family prefers memorials be made to the Jeff Coggins Memorial Fund, c/o Bond Memorial Chapel, 1098 Weston Dr., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, to support terminally ill youth related organizations.


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