Mathews Inc.

Summit Bushmaster X4

Weight 18 pounds
Tree Size 8 to 20 inches
Seat Height Adjustable
Platform Size 20 x 28 3/4
Limit 300 pounds
The Busmaster packs a lot of quality, safety and reliability for a very economical price. The seat is suspended which provides all-day comfort for those long waits. It is extremely quiet and very light! And is perhaps the best quality climbing stand in it's price class.
  • SummiLokt construction locks all joints before welding.

  • Dual foams provide the greatest comfort in treestands.

  • Go from corner to corner on our platform... then try it on others.

  • Fully rigged and ready to hunt.

  • New RapidClimb stirrups are easy to use and adjust to boot sizes.

  • Our new automatic cable retention spring replaces hatch covers.

  • Free fold up foot rest on platform.

  • Free Full-Body Harness, Carrying straps, and 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Backpack Profile

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