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In the arrow rest market the effort has been almost entirely focused on drop away/fall away rests. Models employ a variety of different mechanisms to achieve this action including linkages, inertia and spring loading. Other rests use stationary designs to get the job done including a new wave of “capture” style rests. No matter what your preference you should have plenty of choices.

Muzzy Zero Effect

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Muzzy’s Zero Effect rest was the driving force that started the fall away arrow rest revolution. The principle behind the design is to guide the arrow only long enough to ensure good flight and then get out of the way. The Zero Effect achieves this goal by linking the cable action during the draw cycle and subsequent release to the action of the rest. While the ZE may take a little longer to set up than some other models it is virtually guaranteed to perform perfectly shot after shot and year after year.

The ZE is advertised to eliminate the need to be concerned with fletch and nock alignment, eliminate hand torque, make arrow spine less critical and increase arrow speed through less drag. The original rest relies on the cable guard, which fits most every bow. Muzzy has, however, created several versions of the rest to fit most bow models with unique configurations including Mathews and Hoyt.

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone

Known for their innovation, Trophy Ridge is in the business of doing things their own way. The Drop Zone Arrow Rest is no exception with its patented Linear Drop Technology. Upon release the launcher drops straight down, vertically, over one inch.

The Drop Zone features a built in launcher guard and Dual Harmonic Dampeners in the mounting bracket. The Guide Series is equipped with micro adjust vertical and horizontal tuning adjustments. Available in black or MatchTek camo anodizing. 

Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter SL

To say that Trophy Taker’s popularity has taken off is a certain understatement. Their drop away rests have taken the country by storm and other manufacturers are scrambling to keep pace with their own versions.

The SL model features simple Slide Lock adjustments with a large 10-32 hex bolt. Shakey Hunter’s stainless steel launcher measures a full 1-1/8” wide for secure arrow handling in any hunting situation. Graduated tuning marks make windage and elevation adjustments simple and accurate.

Copper John AlleyCat

Copper John’s AlleyCat drop away arrow rest is built to perform and last. The main body is CNC machined of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and the parts are made of 440-grade stainless steel.

The AlleyCat is equipped with independent vertical and horizontal slide adjustments. Graduated tuning marks are engraved on both for fast and accurate changes. The launcher is wrapped with a soft and silent Teflon band for stealthy operation.

N.A.P. QuikTune 4000


New Archery Products has a tremendous reputation in the industry for building bowhunting equipment that is both rugged and innovative. Their Thunderhead Broadheads and QuikTune 3000 Arrow Rests are cornerstones in their respective markets. The 4000 model rest features the same rugged design with a cable activated drop away action for complete arrow clearance shot after shot.

Set up is estimated to take only 5 minutes and requires only one wrench to adjust everything. The patent pending cable used by the 4000 is constructed of braided steel. N.A.P. incorporates micro adjust center-shot and windage adjustments on the 4000. Other features include factory installed Fork Tamers, dual built-in arrow holders and a shelf mounted arrow holder for security when the bow is at rest.

Golden Key Futura Whisper Disk


Golden Key’s new full containment arrow rest, the Whisper Disk, took eight years to develop. The disk is stamped from space age closed cell foam. The foam is super quiet, unaffected by weather, durable and will not damage fletching. An easy side load feature makes arrow loading a snap.

Two disks are available to cover a wide range of arrow diameters from thin carbons to fat aluminum shafts. The Whisper disk can be used for either right or left-handed shooters.

N.A.P. QuikTune 360 Capture Rest

Total security and top-notch performance were the goals that the design team at N.A.P. were shooting for in their new 360 degree Capture Rest. Arrows are held in place by Teflon coated stainless steel arms that allow you to spin your bow a full 360 degrees without your arrow moving. N.A.P. advertises no vane contact, which in turn results in no drag, no lost speed and increased accuracy.

Two versions are available; one for carbon and small diameter aluminum shafts and the other for aluminum arrows over 20/64th. Set up is easy with only one wrench to adjust everything.

Cobra Diamond Back

Cobra hits the drop away arrow rest market at full speed with their new Diamond Back. A generously sized drop away paddle secures the arrow while at full draw and a built-in arrow holder at the back of the paddle attachment, near the stainless steel shaft, secures the arrow when the bow is at rest.

Many adjustments can be made to the Diamond Back including spring tension; windage, vane clearance and micro adjust elevation.

APA Ultimate Safari

The Ultimate Safari was designed to provide consistent performance and unyielding durability. Constructed of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum the Ultimate Safari employs stainless steel parts. This capture style rest uses an overhead design to secure and protect the arrow. This style of rest also makes is ultra safe. All diameter arrows can be used with the Ultimate Safari. APA’s design results in no loss of speed or damaged fletching.

Camo fleece noise reducers come standard with the Ultimate and are made to reduce noise created when the arrow is drawn across the cradle arm tips. One wrench is all that is needed to adjust the rest.

Carolina Archery Whisker Biscuit QS Deluxe Camo

The QS Deluxe features the B2 Biscuit, which is equipped with zone specific fibers each of which are meant for a specific function. The brown fibers gently cradle the arrow to keep it in position while the more dense and rigid black fibers are designed to support the arrow perfectly for quick and easy tuning. Also featured on this rest is an independent elevation adjustment, etched graduated tuning marks, and a solid mounting system that incorporates a slot to allow adjustment for hand clearance.

A tapered side entry slot is molded into the Biscuit, making arrow loading simple. The process is further enhanced by placing the included felt pads on the entry surface of the side slot for quiet operation. Carolina’s exclusive four-color camo finishes the package.

Mach4 Trap Door

Mach4, a division of Black Gold, offers a hassle free rest design operates on inertia activation. This innovative mechanism eliminates all linkages, cords and arrow-handling problems that are common with rests that rise into position when drawn. The Deep “V” launcher cradles the arrow allowing the bow to be tilted up to 90 degrees without the arrow falling off. It also locks into the “up” position for each shot.

The main body of the rest is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and all of the mechanisms for operation are internal and completely protected. Dampening bumpers are also located inside the case to eliminate virtually all noise associated with the shot. The Mach4 MT is a micro tune model with a keyed and calibrated horizontal shaft making left/right adjustments possible independent of vertical adjustments.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest


A capture style rest that works like a dream, the Ultra-Rest by Quality Archery Designs, has some great features. Unlike most other drop away rests the Ultra does not move into position when drawn and then back down when the bow is let up (not shot). Instead, the Ultra is locked into the arrow capture position and there it stays until the shot. You can draw the bow and decide to let it down and the Ultra stays in position. Only when the shot is made will the Ultra spring into action through the patent pending Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT). While waiting for that shot you can turn the bow in any direction and the arrow will not come off the rest. Unlike inertia rests that can drop when the bow is bumped the Ultra stays solid until you are ready.

The Ultra-Rest comes with laser cut felt that is perfectly shaped to adhere to arrow contact points. Also included is a cable clamp to attach the Ultra cable to the bow “down” cable – no bow press needed!

Bodoodle Pro-Lite


Bodoodle has one of the best rest designs on the market. The Pro-Lite features the patented system, which compensates and adjusts the vertical and lateral thrust of an arrow when fired. Frictionless jeweled bearings and one-of-a-kind rotation at the exact point of arrow support makes for frictionless (no vibration) arrow travel when released.

This fully adjustable rest is constructed with top quality materials from top to bottom. The Pro-Lite weighs in at a mere 2.9 ounces, will mount to any compound bow and can be used with any arrow material or size. The Pro-Lite is also equipped with polished stainless steel speed fins.


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