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Releases range from the simple to the extremely sophisticated. As companies strive to gain our business they are making small but helpful improvements such as adding more adjustability to the designs and incorporating torque-eliminating features. While the number of companies that provide releases may be less than in many of the other accessory categories the products and selection are top notch. The fewer number of manufacturers drives spirited competition and we, the consumers, are the beneficiaries!

Jim Fletcher .44 Caliper

Jim Fletcher Archery has joined with Team Primos in 2005 to create the Primos .44 Caliper release aid. Top end materials meet quality design in the building of the .44 Caliper. The trigger and roller are made of hardened stainless steel. Featured on this release is Fletcher’s new Interlocking Jaw System. The close tolerance machining of the system creates exact positioning and precise timing of the two sides of the jaw for a perfect release.

The .44 Caliper’s trigger is fully adjustable between a heavy trigger pull and a hair trigger. The .44 is available with either the Deluxe Buckle Strap or the Deluxe Velcro Strap, both of which allow the Release to be adjusted exactly to the right length for the perfect fit.

Pro Release Silver Bullet

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and solid steel the Silver Bullet is built to perform and last. Pro Release Inc utilizes state-of-the-art, high precision tooling in all of their machining processes to ensure a top quality release from top to bottom. The Silver Bullet relies on custom contoured jaws for a smooth, consistent release shot after shot.

The Silver Bullet’s adjustable tension trigger is equipped with a cushioned mechanism for super quiet operation. An extra wide jaw opening allows quiet and easy loading. This concho style release is outfitted with an adjustable leather wrist strap with Velcro closure.

Copper John Eagle

Copper John, famous for their line of sights, has produced a new line of release aids. The Eagle series was designed to fire by back tension and is equipped with a middle finger activated trigger. Adjustments for trigger pressure and trigger travel are featured on this release.

A nylon band attaches the release head to a comfortable padded v-style wrist strap with a Velcro closure. The strap and band are both adjustable. The Eagle Series is available in two, three and two styles of four-finger models.

T.R.U. Ball Copperhead


The Copperhead is absolutely packed full of features. To start the body, trigger and jaws are all made with a metal injection molding (MIM) process. This process produces super strong materials that can be molded into small intricate parts beyond the capabilities of CNC machining. The hardened stainless steel jaws are 25 to 30% smaller than T.R.U. Ball’s previous offerings. A ceramic coating is applied to the copper-colored body that is made to last through years of abuse.

A knurled pattern is molded into the trigger to grip the archer’s finger. Pulling the trigger opens the jaws and they close when you let up. To eliminate torque the entire head of the release swivels 360 degrees. The Copperhead is available in a black leather buckle or camo Velcro wrist strap.

Tru-Fire Judge

Tru-Fire hits another home run with the Judge. Many features are found on this release including a head that swivels on 12 sealed ball bearings - in front of the trigger! This, of course, does wonders to reduce torque. A unique dial adjustment changes trigger pressure between 4 and 21 oz. Along with the trigger pressure adjustment is an independent trigger travel adjustment. The jaws open when the trigger is depressed and automatically close when the trigger is let up. There is over ¾” of length adjustment that requires no tools.

Also unique, extremely innovative and useful is Tru-Fire’s Evolution Buckle Strap. At one end of the leather wrist strap is an elastic band with a thick leather tab at the end. This tab serves two purposes; first to prevent the strap from pulling through the buckle and second to hold it in place under the moveable strap clip. No more frustrations with trying to get your release on!

Tru-Fire Stalker


The Stalker 3-finger release is a one-of-a-kind featuring a release mechanism that can be fired by either pushing or pulling the trigger. One simple adjustment does the trick. Also featured on the Stalker is knurled trigger knob that is a fully adjustable for a perfect fit with your hand.

The Stalker is equipped with trigger travel and tension adjustments and is designed with a short head profile to maximize draw length. To minimize string torque the head rotates 360 degrees.

Cobra Mamba Series


For 2005 Cobra joined forces with noted release designer Jerry Carter to bring the Mamba Series of precision releases to the market. All releases in the series come with a fully adjustable and padded leather wrist strap with a buckle fastener.

The flagship of the series, the Black Mamba, features dual sear contacts that employ only two moving parts, both of which are constructed of stainless steel. The trigger pressure is adjustable.

The Green Mamba R1 is a compact all-metal release utilizes a single stainless steel jaw and adjustable trigger with no travel. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum the Green Mamba R1 has an anodized finish and can be used directly on the string or with a loop.

The Green Mamba R2 is constructed like the R1 except that it uses a dual caliper design with an adjustable steel trigger.

Carter Two Shot


An improvement on the popular One Shot, the Two Shot is Carter’s newest hunting release. Designed to be shot with your index finger, this release has a triple sear, which spreads the pressure over six points rather than the normal two creating a more consistent and precise release mechanism. A simple setscrew adjusts the trigger travel.

A larger hasp opening makes the Two Shot perfect for attaching directly to the string. It can also be used with a loop. The shooter has a choice between a Velcro or buckle wrist strap. The connecting strap has a length adjustment. The Two Shot’s head is anodized in either black or Sherwood Treebark Camo.

Scott Sabertooth


Scott Archery, long known for their high-end release mechanics, introduces the Sabertooth for 2005. This double caliper model was designed especially for string loop shooters incorporating a forward trigger design that maximizes draw length and preserving arrow speeds at the highest possible level.

The Sabertooth is equipped with stainless Steel jaws and Scott’s new patented four-hole body, which provides a micro adjustable release fir. Available in red, blue, black or camo finishes.

Carter Quickie 2

New from Carter in 2005, this release is built for fast, durable and silent shooting. The Quickie 2 employs a reverse open jaw that automatically closes and re-locks after every shot so the archer can concentrate on the task at hand rather than worrying about the operation of the release. The single seared Quickie 2 is constructed of high quality 440 stainless steel parts.

The trigger travel is easily adjusted with the turn of a setscrew. Carter’s outfitted the Quickie 2 with your choice of a camo or black wrist strap available with a Velcro or buckle closure.

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