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Hunter: Nathaniel Langley
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Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

I set this hunt up in 2021 due to a recommendation from a friend. I have actually guided hunts myself and knew of BGS but had never hunted with them. As you will notice, the website address is and the outfitter name is Browners Guide Service. This is due to Mr Beamer selling his operation to, longtime and exceptional I might add, Beamers Guide Service guide Matt Brown. Let me say folks, this place is exceptional! This was my 7th outfitted hunt and nothing has ever compared to this hunt.

Let me start from the beginning, I called Matt in 2021 to start the set up for a 2023 hunt. I had two young men and a friend that would be hunting with me. During this time Matt and I talked monthly did all the prep work for our preference point, which was done by Matt and all license processing and application were also taken care of by Matt, while on the phone with me. When you hunt with Matt at BGS you will be taken care of at a level you won’t understand unless you hunt there. We got all the paperwork finished and recieved our tags by draw and the exciting wait began.

Once the day came for the hunt we all arrived at camp. We met the other guide Named Dash and the camp chef/amazing lady, Suzy, who also happens to be Matt’s wife. We then went out, shot our guns, prepped our gear, had an awesome dinner, talked about the next days hunt and went to bed.

First morning we roll out I got to my stand at about 05:55am. Matt walked me in, I climbed up and by 06:15am had a giant under me. The legal shooting time for the day was 07:10am. There was a full moon so I could see the deer and his very nice headgear well. What an awesome morning already. I would go on to see 9 bucks and 3 doe on day one. I actually passed on what most would consider a shooter that day as well. This type of hunting would continue for my hunt duration. I only had one day that I didn’t see a deer, this was fully due to the weather I am certain.

On day two I had a GIANT! Get past me in some very high grass/weeds in the river bottom. However, it sure did get me excited to see such an animal.

I killed my buck on day 5 a day with 31mph winds and even harder gust. With that, I am telling you l, hunt everyday you can stand to sit when on these hunts. We had all types of weather, very cold, warm, super windy, and even snow, thank goodness no rain during hunting hours.

Everyone in camp would either kill or get a shot that didn’t end with a round on target. This hunt was 7 full days of hunting and meals, you won’t find that anywhere else that I know of for a rifle hunt. And if you can it will not be this type of quality.

To close this out, BGS is how the business should be! The best guides and the best lodge environment you will find, I guarantee it. The food, which is important to myself, and was important to the whole group, is absolutely awesome! But nothing can make bad hunting feel better and let me tell you, that will not be an issue at BGS! The entire operation is the best in the business. Now let me say, this is big boy hunting, not deer watching. If you want to see 20 or 30 deer a day this won’t be your place. But, if you want to see the deer of a lifetime and know that where you are that can happen at any moment this is your place. At BGS, Matt, Dash, Suzy, and don’t let me forget Aspen and Tux, two fantastic Labrador’s, will work themselves to death for you to have the greatest hunt and experience you could ask for.

I highly recommend BGS and I must say that bang for your buck this is the best you will find. I will be going back as often as I can.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2023
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Matt Brown
Number in Camp - 5
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
I say no because some deer were seen on the day I didn’t see anything. I feel the weather on that day was an overall affect though.
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