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Northwest Outfitting - Shawn Barbour

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Hunter: Robert Bowers
South Carolina
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Northwest Outfitting, Shawn Barbour is a complete scam. My uncle and father in law purchased an elk hunt in march 2023, $4500 X 2, then paid $2000 in advance for 400 pt bull elk, guaranteed or $2000 refunded. Sent pictures of elk that are all over internet, he claims are on his trail cams. My uncle passed away in September 2030, so I called Northwest Outfitting to see about transferring hunt to myself. They told me $1850 to transfer hunt, had to be by venmo right away. Then he asked me if I knew other hunters interested and he would reduce price. I had a bad vibe, but my father in law is 73, hunted all his life and was overly excited, especially since his brother just passed away and it was their trip. We arrived Nov, 7th and met “Sam” at a gas station the next morning at 6:45. We had to ride with other hunters to hunt site and while “Sam” took another hunter to a site where dogs and people were about 100 yards in the distance. Hunter could see 2 houses about 150 yards from blind. When our group reached our hunt site with no guide , “Sam” proceeded by phone to instruct us how to get to box blinds. The elk we’re going to be within 30-50 yards from blind. These blinds were about 100 yards behind houses and about 80 yards apart, not mention we all have high powered rifles with no guided assistance. No signs of elk or guides either, complete hoax as well extremely unsafe. I told Sam we were experienced hunters that there were no elk. I wanted $2000 refund for my Father in law supposed 400 class elk. He’s response was do not trespass on my land. Not sure if any legal action is an option. Hope anyone interested in doing business with this outfitter is aware that is completely bogus. Northwest Outfitting needs to be exposed. Rob

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Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 8023
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 3
Outfitter Cost - $6,000.00
Other Costs - $1,500.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
Weather was mild and clear. Upper 40s for highs
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